Eastern Calabria was once the home of a flourishing civilisation founded by migrating Greeks. Oenotrus, an Arcadian prince who landed on our coast in the early eighth century BC, wisely governed the fate of the very first Greek colony to settle on Ionian shores. The work of Oenotrus and his people, mostly made up of expert wine-makers, was so well-appreciated by the Greeks that they named the region "Enotria Tellus”: Land of Wine. For four generations we have been steadfast supporters of our land and of its richness. We strongly believe in what it represented in the past, what it represents today and above all what it will represent in the future for the world of wine. We started from tradition; Gaglioppo, Greco, and the large number of native varieties present in the region. We started with head-training and with rootstocks traditionally used in the area, as well as with the teachings of our expert growers, whose skills were rooted in the centuries of Cirò’s area wine-making. Then we turned to the leading experts in the vine-growing and wine-making industries, because we knew that meticulous research would allow us to focus on, preserve and improve our wine-making heritage. This has always been our goal and our demand to the scientific community. Far from wanting to invent or change anything, through science we merely wished to reach a deeper, ultimate understanding of the great treasure that was available to us. We now know that our original intuition was a good one, and that some of the most beautiful pages in Calabria's wine-making history have yet to be written.